High in the Himalayas

Photo added later

I can’t upload a picture to show you how beautiful it is here.  For some reason the internet connection on my laptop is not working.  Hopefully, I can add a photo when I get back down to Delhi.

For now, trust me when I tell you that I am writing this from one of the most tranquil places on earth.  I am sitting outside, with the sun streaming on my face and I can see the little town of Nainital below me.  There are tall pines all around and here and there I can see the smoke rising from the morning fires.  At night it gets chilly here, but I brought a coat, so I wander outside and watch the lights from the town below.

If you have never been to India, one of the first things you will notice is Indian hospitality.  In Nainital and everywhere I have been, people have been more than kind and helpful.  Even in the busy cities, people take time to respond to each other with respect.  I forgot how much I like that.  It’s very much like being part of a huge family.

And speaking of families, I’m really enjoying being part of the majority.  Everywhere I look, I see people who look like me, eat like me,  act like me…and it’s wonderful to brush off my Hindi and use that again.  Just this morning someone told me that I had “very good” Hindi.  Okay, so maybe he was being polite, but I have to say, in the few days I have been using Hindi, it has become much easier for me.  For the most part, people use only Hindi here.  In  South India and the larger cities of the north, you can easily get by with English.

I’m off to look for a few shawls—my friend Mahesh organized a trip with someone who lives here, so hopefully I’ll get a good deal.  And then back to continue my writing—I’m getting so much accomplished, I think all my writer friends should come here!

5 comments on “High in the Himalayas”

  1. You reminded me of a trip I made to Mexico when my Spanish was complimented by many a native. Little did the people know that right before I spoke to them, I would rehearse and re-rehearse in my head (and sometimes aloud) the sentence I was going to say to them. I especially got compliments from waiters when I said, “Would you be so kind as to bring me the bill?” Treating people with respect, no matter where in the world you are, helps us all to recognize we ARE a big family.

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