Family Stories

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a page from my mother’s photo album


Family Stories

While I was writing my memoir, Mamaji, I began the task of chronicling old family stories in order to write about my past. During this process, I reviewed old family photos and was fascinated with the story each one of them told. They are highly stylized—the faces often serious, the people formally posed, eyes intensely gazing from long years past. Many of the people in the photos have died, but some are still able to speak of the day it was taken.

A great photo tells a unique story—and I want to try and tell them in these new series of posts on my blog. Some of the accounts will be factual; some will be based on my own understanding of the situation or of the personalities. Some will be based on pure supposition, because there is nothing at all known. Some will be only what I hope was true and will be from the desire of my heart.

I hope you will enjoy the stories that come to life through the photos from what I know, hope and believe to be true. The wonderful thing about any family is that no matter how different we all are, we can connect through common experiences. All families experience joy, elation, pride, love, beginnings and growth. And of course they all feel loss, challenges, endings, failure and pain. Good or bad, all experiences keep us strong. I hope when you read my posts; you connect with your family and create your own family stories.

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